Podcasting - From Zero To Hero

Learn how to create a podcast and see it live on iTunes quickly. The focus is on Garage Band and iTunes.

This podcasting tutorial is designed for anyone who wants to learn the essentials of how to make a podcast.  The lectures are created without the assumption of any advanced computer knowledge or skills.  While this podcasting tutorial focuses primarily on Garage Band, the information is applicable to Audacity and other recording software.

The lectures are almost exclusively live screen recordings of the entire creative process from A to Z.  Supporting documents include mindmaps, checklists, transcriptions and narratives to elaborate on the information contained in the video lectures.

This course is geared for the beginning podcaster, but the extra's section will contain some cool free tools and techniques to enhance any podcast and reach out to new audiences and markets.

The course will focus heavily on free tools widely available to create cover art, syndicate content and generate additional content from podcast episodes.  The purpose of syndication and creating additional resources will serve to reach a larger audience and promote your podcast to new heights of popularity.

I have been teaching this live for some time and am excited to share this “how to make a podcast” course with a broader audience.  My contact information will be available to enrolled students to help first time podcast creators get their show up on iTunes.


Intended Audience: students, professionals, marketers, musicians, teachers, hobbiests, politicians, artists

Podcast Creation For Beginners - Course Overview
Why Podcast & Introduction
Contact Me
Platform Options For Creating Your Podcast
Garage Band vs. Audacity
Intro to GarageBand 10.0.2
Mic Setup
Recording Your First Track
Adding Music, Jingles & Stingers
Adding Voice Overs
Creating Bumpers / Intro & Outro Tracks
Cover Creation Options
Using Canva to Make Podcast Covers
Cover Creation iWeb
Free Cover Creator
Images For Cover Art
Outsourcing Options
Sharing / Exporting Your Podcast To iTunes
Tagging Your MP3 File
Hosting Options For Your Podcast
Libsyn Demo
Creating A Feedburner Feed
Feed Explanation & Options
Submitting To iTunes
iTunes Submission - Just a quick FYI look at the page.
Blubrry Plugin For WordPress
Embed Your Podcast On Your Blog
Blubrry WordPress Plug-in Explained In Detail
Changing The Podcast Title In Blubrry Plug-in Settings
Using Stock Audio Clips in the New GarageBand
Converting a Video to MP3
Auphonic Free Tool
VoiceBase Free Transcription
Syndication For Building A Massive Audience
Use Press Releases To Create Buzz About Your Podcast
Summary of Course
Fixing a hacked blog and no feed data going to iTunes
Amazon S3 and Drop Box
Compression in Garage Band: MP3 vs. ACC
Podcast Demo Part 1 - Getting Ready
Podcast Demo Part 2 - Recording an Episode
Podcast Demo Part 3 - Editing Episode and Exporting Podcast

What's included

  • 44 Video Lessons
  • 2 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Mitchel Schwindt MD